Banners are very important to any successful website! They not only help advertise your products and/or services but also help develop a unique "branding" for your business. Also, banners can be used for advertising and banner exchange programs and services. Keep your banners fresh: Even the best banners get old. Keep a close watch on your banner's performance. There's nothing wrong with creating your own "archive" of banners, and then cycling them in and out of banner campaigns.

   Banners are a critical way of generating more traffic to your site. Banner exchange services such as Link Exchange, Banner Swap, Banner Express, Smart Clicks (to name a few) enable you to direct more traffic to your site by enabling non-competing services to advertising on your site. The greater the number of hits you get on your site - the more often your banner is shown, generating more traffic to your site, which in turn earns you more banner displays for your site. It is also possible to purchase additional Banner exposures for your site.

   It is therefore vital that the banner is attractive and entices people to click through to your site. Hence a well thought out professionally produced banner is an important component in the mix necessary to generate and maintain site traffic.

Static Banners  HTML Banners  Animated Banners  Flash Banners  Banner Sizes

Static Banners - $50.00 (any size)

   Static banners are a cost-effective way to promote your business or organization online. Static graphics do not move and have no transitional effects or animation. They are one frame and can be created in a wide variety of sizes. The most popular size on the internet is 468x60 pixels in width and height. Our designers can create a wide variety of banners to compliment your business strategy and remain consistent with your identity.

HTML Banners - $125.00 (any size)

   Interactive or HTML banners are a lot more effective than static or animated banners because you can fit more information on them and they involve the viewer interacting with the banner. They are particularly appropriate for "time sensitive" offers and sales items and you can allow the potential buyer to search your site from within the banner.

Animated Banners - $75.00 (any size)

   Using motion in your banner ads can be a really effective way to draw users' attention. Some animations can help you communicate an idea that would otherwise require many words. When it comes to using animation in your ads (and in any animations, for that matter), we optimize the file, maintaining the clear, sharp image yet reducing the file size.

Flash Banners - $200.00 (any size)

   Rich Media banners, developed using Flash technology, are quickly becoming the most popular form of online advertising. With click through rates as high as 10%, these banners pay for themselves. A Flash banner provides more multimedia options at a smaller file size, provided that the end user has the required Flash plug-in.

Banner Sizes

468 x 60  Full horizontal banner
120 x 240  Vertical Banner
392 x 72  Full horizontal banner with vertical navigation bar
234 x 60  Half banner
125 x 125  Square banner
120 x 90  Button
120 x 60  Button
88 x 31  Micro button


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