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   For many businesses, developing E-Commerce capabilities can be a complex and arduous process. However, with the right strategy, plan and execution it can be a smooth and successful process. At GlobalNetix, our experience has given us great insight into the process and critical success factors for integrating e-commerce. Not only do we recommend the best course of action, we can also carry it out. We utilize an E-Commerce development framework designed to harness the process into manageable phases, tasks and activities. Our framework is designed to insure that your solution is implemented with the utmost ease.

   Having E-Commerce capabilities in your web site is slowly becoming a competitive necessity. This is especially true for retailers as customers are becoming very comfortable with the idea of shopping online. In fact, millions of people everyday are adopting the Internet as the preferred medium for communication, information gathering and shopping. As more and more households get connected, businesses will need to be connected as well in order to reach these consumers.

   With E-Commerce, the sales activity is entirely automated. By interacting with your web site, your customers are empowered to "serve themselves". They are given the ability to learn about your business, browse your catalog and make a purchase all from the convenience of their home or office.

   Due to the wide range of E-Commerce solutions, we must quote on each individual project and its specifications as requested. Please contact our offices for your E-commerce needs.


   For smaller companies who are interested in selling merchandise without having to deal with inventories and on-line payments the shopping cart is an ideal sales tool. The development of a catalog and shopping cart for online shopping is very quickly and easily done with our customized shopping cart application.

   GlobalNetix has developed a shopping cart that can take the items you wish to sell and categorize them in well organized views that are easy to use, and quick to fill out. All the orders that are filled out are saved in a file that can be easily imported into any word processor, spreadsheet or database program.

   Our shopping cart software is priced at $475.00 and can be customized for as little as $167.00. We have included some screen views below of one of our projects.

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