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Custom Graphics

   Graphics are generally what makes one website stand out from another. When people log on to your website for the first time, it is important that they get a confident feeling if they are going to do business with you. It is important that your website have professional graphics if they are going to return.

   Every business is unique, which is why we donít take a "cookie cutter" approach to website design. We create custom graphics and fit them with a style that correctly reflects your business and goals. Backgrounds, buttons, and other graphics are blended to create one theme that is consistent throughout your site. Whatever your graphics needs, our designers have the tools and skills to turn a plain picture into a killer presentation.

   All of our project pricing is based on a $75.00 per hour rate, but the total price of your project will vary with the amount of time and work involved.

Animated Gifs

   Nowadays it's not good enough to just have a web site. People expect a good looking and professional site to interest them in what you have to say or sell. One way to do this is to have cool animated GIFs instead of boring still images. Animated GIFs can make your site look more interesting, dynamic and professional. Animated GIFs can be viewed on almost any web browser and don't require a plug-in like FLASH animations.

   Animated GIF's can be very effective when used properly. Too many flashing or moving images can be distracting or annoying. Creating just the right effect for your web site is one of our specialties.

Designs supplied   $50.00
Text only (5 Frames)   $75.00
Graphics designs (3 frames)   $125.00
Graphics designs (5 frames)   $200.00

Mastheads  -  $50.00

   Masthead title bars that incorporate client logo can be used throughout a Web site for consistent corporate branding.

Image Maps  -  $35.00

   Imagemaps are large colorful logos that contain buttons (links) to the rest of your web site. They are mainly used on the home page (instead of the typical navigational bars most sites have). We specialize in 3 areas of image map creation: Stationary, animated and "rollover" style.


   When starting a business, it is recommended that you create a logo for identity. By having an emblem to represent your company, it makes it easier for others to recognize you and also is kind of a "shorthand" - a quick way to get spotted and much simpler than writing out your company name on everything you market. We can create one just for you. After all, it's your company, your identity, it should be your logo.

Basic one or two color logo   $250.00
Full color logo   $305.00


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