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   A web site will allow your business to stay open 24 hours a day, saving you both time and money. With a web site, you can begin to attract new customers worldwide and gain a larger client base, as well as deliver information to current and new customers.

   We believe that the websites should have a clean design and be built for fast delivery over the Internet catering to the attention span of the potential users.

   We place an emphasis on a clean, simple, business presentation to carry the message across, to invite repeat visits and to sell the product. A solid foundation, first. Then, if required, we offer the bells and whistles of the emerging technologies: from image maps to JavaScripts, Dynamic HTML and Flash.



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 Website Design

    The more elaborate the website is, the more time it takes to create it and thus more expensive. Some factors involved in the cost of creating a website are: size of the website, number of photos and graphics and amount of text, forms and interactive pages. To maximize your web creation time, be as prepared as possible on what you would like your website to consist of. To prepare for having your website built for you, you can think of what content you would like to be included in your website including photos, graphics, and text.

    We will discuss how we will go about incorporating your ideas into a reality with you upon your free initial consultation. To maximize using our services, we encourage you to do as much as you can in advance for your website. You can, for instance, submit the text already typed in the computer or send it via e-mail. Also, you can draw any ideas you have on the design you would like on paper. The clearer you are in what you want done, the easier and faster it will be to design it.

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