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   GlobalNetix has a solution for all your network and computer challenges. Many businesses may not need or even be able to afford a full-time network support specialist, and it is difficult to find and keep a technician part-time.

   Our network engineer(s) are trained to troubleshoot and fix network problems quickly, evaluate new technologies, and train your staff to handle simple problems. You receive the benefit of an entire team of engineers. Their combined knowledge provides a wide range of expertise that is readily available and affordable.



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 Networking Services

Local Area Networks

   If your office has more than one computer it's time to think about a local area network, or LAN. A LAN will streamline office communication and allow staff members to share files effortlessly. Instead of putting a printer on every desktop all workstations can be connected to one printer, which lets you purchase a higher quality printer that everyone can share.

Increase revenue!

   Since a LAN will drastically improve your organization's internal communication processes, you reduce the time taken to process customer orders and handle information requests. Your company can handle more volume WITHOUT HIRING MORE PERSONNEL! The more orders you process, the higher your revenue!!!

Save time!

   Office E-Mail is quick, leaves a written record of the date of the message, time of the message, who sent the message, as well as the message itself. E-Mail is superior to using paper phone messages that easily get lost. E-Mail messages get to you even when you're not in the office, and they can be accessible when you are on the road. You are constantly in contact. Office E-Mail is more convenient and takes less time than meetings. You can send E-Mail to many people at the same time!


   Share files without copying data onto disks. Teams can work on projects AT THE SAME TIME and all team members have access to the information they need!

Control Access!

   With LAN password protection, you control who can see business files. You can allow full access, partial access or no access to anyone using a computer linked to the network.

   Discover how GlobalNetix can solve
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