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   GlobalNetix offers professional research and consulting services to explore your business needs and to develop an effective presence on the Net, ensuring your organization's success. During consultation, we learn about your business, products & services offered, your vision and mission. This consulting process must be able to turn ideas into definitions, definitions into technical specifications, and technical specifications into working software systems.

   We also provide services like our Website Critique. You will get the best advice on how to improve the selling power of your website. We evaluate your website and uncover more effective ways to communicate with clients.



Website Critique
Technology Audit

Note: GlobalNetix provides consulting for any computer services not listed on our site. To find out if we can assist you just contact us.
 Consulting Services

   Depending on the specific requirements of each project and the structure of each organization, we may work with CEO's and other corporate officers, upper- and mid-management, department heads, IT and MIS members, engineers, sales departments, accounting departments, purchasing agents, material managers, inventory-control specialists, data-entry personnel, machine operators, outside-vendors, end-users, and others. Our experience, our communication skills, and our design expertise enable us to effectively communicate at all levels, and to achieve even more than the required results.

   Discover how GlobalNetix can solve
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