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   Fixing old photographs, faded, torn, stained, creased, with missing pieces.

  Scratches or marks erased
  Unwanted objects removed
  Torn photos restored
  Remove unnecessary objects, add people or objects, extend or change backgrounds
  Replace worn, folded, or cracked walled photos
  Combine objects from two or more photos
  Add text to photos
  Remove writing from photos
  Remove tears, holes, cracking, adjust lighting, contrast and focus

Standard Restoration - $59.00

   Remove a moderate amount of scratches from non-detailed areas, remove small scratches from more detailed areas of an image, remove hairline cracks and minor imperfections. Improve overall contrast and color. General clean up.

Advanced Restoration - $99.00

   Includes Standard plus removal of scratches, cracks, small stains and moderate tears (no repair of faces). Reconstruction of torn corners and edges. Colorization of lips/cheeks that were colorized in the original. May include filling in of missing areas (no people).

Optimization  -  $3.00

    Optimization is the process of fine-tuning the display quality and file size of an image for use on the Web or other online media. We have an effective range of controls for compressing the file size of an image while optimizing its online display quality. We can optimize images in the three major graphic file formats used on the Web: GIF (Graphics Interchange Format), JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group), and PNG-8 or PNG-24 (Portable Network Graphics, with 8-bit or 24-bit color) Please note that all images produced by GlobalNetix are already optimized at no extra charge.


   We can scan images as large as 8 1/2" x 14". All photos sent will be scanned, within acceptable standards. No copyrighted material will be scanned without written permission from the author.

Scanning of logo or photographs      $5.00 each
6 to 10 images$3.00 each
11 or more images$2.50 each
Note: There is a $10.00 minimum charge.

E-Commerce Product Photography

   E-Commerce can compliment or entirely substitute the "face-to-face" traditional form of selling. Your products and services are available for purchase by a global marketplace. You are open for business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Streamline and automate order-taking and sales process. Online access to catalog and sale tools can eliminate need for hard copy (printed) materials and thus save the costs associated with print media.

   As part of the entire scope of E-Commerce integration, we take responsibility of providing many of the supporting services such as photography. To give your products the right digital presentation for your online catalog.

Scanning of product photos  $5.00 each
Digital photos  $8.00 each

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